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Commercial Cleaning: Sidewalk, Parking lot & Curb Pressure Washing Location: Miramar Beach Florida.

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Vickers Pressure Washing Co. recently washed the exterior parking areas at New Life Church in Miramar Beach, Florida. We started by pressure washing the sidewalks in front of the Secondary church building.

The sidewalk was covered in dark algae and did not represent the church as best as it could be. We pre-treated the sidewalks with a solution to kill the algae at the root. Once we sprayed the solution and allowed it to settle into the concrete, we started cleaning the main walking area. After this area was cleaned we did wand power washing along the step edges.

Once this was done, we started to clean the concrete curb surrounding the asphalt. It came out very nice and clean looking. We covered a lot of ground, and it is very time consuming, even with commercial equipment. We are going to return to soft wash the metal buildings, and to remove rust stains that are on concrete and the church buildings. It seems that this has come from the water sprinklers.

We will post more pictures and videos soon. Be sure to check out our Instagram page, Facebook page, and youtube videos with more pictures and videos of our work. We like to get as many videos and pictures as we can while we are pressure washing, whether we are at a commercial business location, or at a home. We like our customers to see our work!

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We also love texting because we can try to quickly respond to customers while we are cleaning. If you’d like immediate service, please try texting us. We try to respond as quickly as we can, even while we are on the job soft washing and pressure washing! Text 850-259-7909


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