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What Makes Vickers Pressure Washing Co Different

My name is Ashley and my husband Noah and I own Vickers Pressure Washing Co. I wanted do this video to explain what makes us different from other pressure washing companies. What you see in this video is not our work. We’re in Alabama right now, picking up some equipment. But we noticed this when we were coming to buy our kids some shoes. This video will help explain that all companies are not created equal. This concrete pressure washing job was not done right. This is definitely not our work. I want to make that very clear When you see all these lines and stripes it says a lot about the company. Number one, someone was very lazy. It looks like someone didn’t slow down, because you have to go slow. They obviously used small equipment and you can see all these little lines that look like this.

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That means they had to slow down with their smaller equipment. And there’s nothing against anyone with small equipment, but they just need to do it right. They need to use it right. It’s important to compare apples to apples. For instance if this shopping center wanted a quote and they reached out to us and a couple other companies, I would recommend that they go look at previous work in person – not just a photo off their website that they could have stolen from another company. And if somebody is more expensive, you might just, that might not matter because I don’t know what they paid for this, but to me it just would’ve been better to just leave it dirty. Because it actually looks worse in my opinion, the way it is.

You can tell they were using a small surface cleaner. And it looks as though there was not enough power in the center. So it looked like it’s heavy PSI on the outside, not enough cleaning power on the inside. So I’m guessing they had a real low quality surface cleaner or a very small pressure washer. We use high gallons per minute. We don’t go high in the PSI. Sometimes it depends because you don’t need to go too high in PSI because you can cause damage by going too high. Also we make sure that all of our equipment matches. For instance, if you get a surface cleaner that’s one size and then you have a pressure washer that’s a different size, you have to make sure they line up. It does not look like that happened here. And when you’re comparing companies and you’re comparing quotes, I want you to know that everything that’s on our website is our work. Most of the time when Noah does a job, I ask him to stand in the middle of the photo so that it’s obvious it’s our work so that other companies don’t try to steal the photos of our work. Not not saying everybody would do that, just some people. And then we usually try to put our logos on all of our photos just to, to show that this is our work. I just want to make that double clear, that we did not do this. I would never do work like this. You should not see these kind of stripes. If somebody did this and you paid them, you need to call them back and ask them to fix this (or call us to come and try to make it look nice. When we wash it does not look like this.)

We use the right tips, the right PSI, the right pressure, the right surface cleaner size to match the pressure washing size. This job looks like it was done with a two and a half to four gallon per minute. We’re 16 and a half to 20 gallons a minute and we use a four foot surface cleaner. So we come through here in one huge four foot strip and it all is clean, perfectly left to right. I’m just trying to tell you that it’s, it’s really hard to compare apples to apples. When we look at a pressure wash company and we can see their truck or trailer, we can immediately identify a lot of things about them because we can see the equipment they’re using.

But that still doesn’t tell you everything because they might have decent equipment, but if they’re walking too fast, like you see right here, then that that’s just a sign that they’re being lazy or they just don’t know what they’re doing. I hate to see someone spend money on something that looks like this. So like I said, this video is not to be rude. It’s just to tell you that we don’t do work like this. You may find a cheaper quote from somebody else, but the type of equipment they use could make a big difference in the quality job you will get. There are so many different ways someone can say, “I pressure wash.” We soft wash and pressure wash, but someone can come in here with a little pressure washer that they bought at home Depot for $350 hook it up to a water spigot.

Then you could have someone come in with a four gallon a minute and a 20 inch surface cleaner. And they have a tank that has water feeding their pressure washer. Someone could come in with an eight gallon, a minute, a 10, a 12, whatever everybody’s different. But the biggest thing is that they really need to do their homework. Then make sure that the equipment matches each other. Because you don’t put an eight gallon a minute with a 20 inch service cleaner and not the right tips. It’s going to make a mess. So this is stuff that we know. We are always learning. We’re always buying better equipment. We don’t do work like this. So I hope that you will give us a call because we always try to do a good job. And I hope this video is helpful to teach you why it’s hard to compare apples to apples. The biggest thing is before you pick a company, please ask to see some jobs that they have done. Because like I said, sometimes people put photos on their website and they’re not really their photos. They’re somebody else’s. So if you say, “can I see the last three jobs you did” , you can get a real quick idea if they’re good or not. If you need pressure washing done I hope that you’ll be a happy customer of ours. We always do our best job. Thank you so much and have a great day.


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