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Benefits of Soft Washing Your Home’s Roof  

In addition to regular home maintenance, cleaning your roof is also important to ensure that it  stays in good condition. While most homeowners don’t realize it, it’s very important to keep in mind that keeping your roof clean can help prevent the development of dangerous debris and mold and keep your home safe not to mention preserving the value and curb appeal of your home. 

To prevent damage from happening to your roof, it’s important that you hire someone with  the proper training and experience of a licensed and insured roof cleaning contractor. This individual should be experienced in cleaning different types of roofs and the proper methods to be used for each. 

If you have stains or discoloration on your roof, then it’s important that you contact a professional to have them inspect it. They can then provide you with a customized cleaning solution that’s ideal for your specific needs. They can also identify the cause of the issue.  Some of the common factors that can cause discoloration on your roof include:

Algae and moss. If these plants have managed to get a foothold on your roof, they can potentially take over an entire area.

Tree sap. If, even after a rain, there are still dark patches on the roof, then it’s time to hire a professional to clean it.

Rust spots 

Leaves – they  tend to get stuck in places where water collects, they can only provide an indication of shingle wear.

A lot of people try to clean their roof without the proper equipment and they end up damaging it. This is why it’s important to hire a professional to ensure that your roof is properly cleaned. Aside from having the necessary tools, the professional will also be able to provide you with a safe and effective cleaning solution. 

At Vicker’s Pressure Wash we recommend soft washing for most types of roofs to prevent damage.

Keeping your roof clean can help prevent dirt from becoming permanent and can also help prevent mold and moss from growing on your roof. If ignored, these problems could cause expensive repairs to your home’s value and curb appeal.

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